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Madrid's Number one
El Vez fan
Home of the El Vez Paella EV
Images from
the campaign trail
El Vez for Prez 2012
Paella EV
Jingle Bell Rocks!
documentary clip
The first time they met Paella EV

Mr. El Vez goes to Washington...
Join El Vez as he visits his gold lame suit on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC!

15 Full-Color Photographs ...
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Paella EV
Tasty EV Treat! Paella EV
... and for desert
Dixie Evans and EV EV Tats!
Presenting the El Vez Tattoo Collection
Dixie Evans and EV Dixie Evans and EV
A few El Vez blasts from the past ...   
Dixie Evans and EV Dixie Evans and EV
Dixie Evans and EV
El Vez 4 Prez 2008 El Man of
Los Peoples
strikes the poses with a bunch of em in a sea to shining sea slide-show
El Vez for Prez El Vez for Prez
gold lame Moving photos
El Vez Videos
The El Vez Story
En El Barrio
El Vez 4 Prez 2008
El Throne God Save El Vez
Santa Vez Dozens of glimpses of Mex-mas past ... some of the fans who got to have their photo taken with Santa Vez. –
(large images ahead!)
El Vez snack faves ....
burrito loco pho
Easter en España angelico
madrid face hoppin
ero chi ca presentacion
ero chi ca cho
  MeX-mas 2004
Pix from one of two nights El Vez performed at the Continental Club. We broke one of Steves antique celing fans that had belonged to his grandfather's grocery store that night. Sorry Steve.
Photos by Rebecca Elder
Austin Texas on Oct. 12, 2004
hosting the Grammys'
Northwest Chapter's
feed me
Snapshots from the
December 2003 collection
Exclusive series of
photogaphs clearly show
El Vez shamelessly plastered
all over San Francisco!
blast from the past ...
winter mayhem over a
Swedish cliff
scenes from the wedding of
Xene and Jason
more nuptuals
backstage at Dave Foley's
Christmas Special

RL Burnside enjoying
a lovely Elvettes sandwich

huge painting d'El Rey